I can’t remember the last time an advert managed to anger and confuse me at the same time.
But the latest advert from Chanel featuring Brad Pitt is just wrong!

I love Chanel, my favourite fragrance right now is Chance Eau Fraiche, but I’ve never been able to pull off No 5. I’d love to – after all, if it’s good enough for Marilyn… 
I squirt a cheeky spray at the duty free occasionally, just to see if my taste has transformed into something resembling a sophisticated grown-up.
But alas, the allure of No 5 is still lost on me. By the time I make it to the gate, I’m reaching for my security-approved sealed plastic bag, hoping that I’ve got enough citrus-based perfume left to mask the overpowering stench that is No 5!
Inimitable it may be, but inevitable? Not for me.
And with adverts featuring the actor most resembling a wooden block, I don’t think the allure of No 5 will be wafting in my direction any time soon.
Tell me – do women still fancy this guy?! 
Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Tatou, Nicole Kidman – that enviable list of iconic beauties whose faces and bodies have graced No 5 ads over the years. 
This TV advert featuring Audrey Tatou, a tense train journey and a Billie Holiday soundtrack almost led to a No 5 purchase. But as the soundtrack stated, I would indeed be a fool for wanting it:
And then the walking talking Ken doll rocks up in a white shirt, poised to convince us that this is the perfume for us? No. Thanks.
Here’s some of the more aspirational adverts featuring figures from the past and present that are fit to appear alongside No 5. 

Maybe by the time I’ve erased the memory of the Brad Pitt campaign from my mind, I’ll be ready to finally fall in love with the fragrance that promises so much yet delivers too little to tempt me.

Chanel No 5 eau de parfum spray, from £53, Debenhams

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