TV Moment: Welcome to The OC, b****

The OC

Remember when Mischa Barton was relevant and a whole new holiday was invented?

It’s another reason to feel incredibly old but one of my favourite TV shows, The OC, was launched ten years ago yesterday.

I remember being at college mourning the downward spiral and eventual death of Dawson’s Creek, wondering what would replace that T4-shaped hole in my Sunday hangover TV viewing schedule.

Then along came The OC, all shiny and slick, with polished blowdrys and boho cool replacing the middle sheds and middle of the road outfits favoured by Dawson and Co.

Where Dawson took an entire series to finally make his elaborate point with overdrawn movie metaphors, the OC’s cool kids kept us entertained with snappy, sarcastic one-liners. The immortal ‘Welcome to the OC, bitch’ line, uttered by the eventually-loveable Luke just before he punched Ryan during a beachside brawl in the series premiere, will go down in TV history.

Inevitably, the series tailed off when Mischa’s character Marissa Cooper met a grim end in Season 3. Presumably so she had more time off-screen to sort out her troubled friendships and party lifestyle with the then-cool Hollywood stars Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

But I’ll always remember her fondly as Coop, a blonde beach babe with a weakness for tequila and troubled but gorgeous bad boys. A girl after my own heart!

Marissa Cooper’s walk-in wardrobe did have a few fashion hits. Among the hoodies and bootcut denims lay an enviable collection of Chanel bags and pearls, waiting to be teamed with one of her many Diane von Furstenburg dresses or preppy Lacoste polos. Actually I’m feeling a revival of the Coop look:


Rachel Bilson is the only star of the show that has managed to stay positively in the limelight since the series ended in 2007, if only for her adorable sense of style.

But whatever happened to Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) after they left the scenic shores of Newport Beach? I never quite got the geek chic attraction with Seth but I’d be more than happy to let Ryan, otherwise known as Chino’s most-wanted, sleep in my poolhouse (oh, okay, glorified garage).

Here’s to The OC, then, for giving us Chrismukkah, California and a reason to surface on a Sunday. I’m off to dig out my box sets…

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