Review: Spa in the City, Glasgow

For someone that loves to beautify themselves I’ve never been one for pampering. Beauty treatments, for me, are always more of a necessity (waxing, threading and the occasional sh*t-I-need-to-get-my-legs-out spray tan) than a luxury that I have time to enjoy.

But after a hectic Christmas and January I was determined to check myself into a haven of calm for a couple of hours of pure relaxation.

Checking out prices for spa days and treatments I was amazed at how expensive these things are. Maybe because I’m not usually looking at these treatments when I’m in a salon, but dear me, you could literally buy a designer handbag with what it costs to book yourself in for a spa day at some places! And yes, I want to relax, but no, I do not want to think about which Marc Jacobs lovely I could’ve bought and paid for with the cost of a massage and a facial!

So after assessing my finances and checking out the options on, I opted for Spa in the City, a handily-located day spa situated conveniently above Toni & Guy on St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

I booked a hot stone massage and aromatherapy express facial, which sounded like heaven! Call me a snob but I always judge a salon, both hair and beauty, by the products it uses. So I was pleased to see that ESPA was on the menu.

When I arrived at the reception I was greeted by a friendly member of the team who got me to fill in some details since it was my first time at the salon. Then I was taken through to the tranquil treatment room by my therapist, Laura.

The low lights and soothing music soon got me in a state of relaxation and Laura got to work on my tense muscles. The hot stone massage is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced – you know there’s warm rocks being pressed onto your skin yet it’s the most relaxing feeling. During the 40 minute treatment Laura moved all the way across my back and really paid attention to the areas that she could feel were in need of some relief. The hot stone massage for me was medium pressure given it was my first time but this can be tailored to more seasoned connoisseurs who want a deeper massage.

Once the massage was over it was onto my express 30 minute facial. The combination of an exfoliant, cleanser and moisturising mask met my neglected and dull winter skin in an attempt to revive it to its former glowing glory. In addition to the ESPA products on my face, I also received a dry scalp massage (without products as I was going shopping afterwards, but you can have oils applied if you wish).

Although it would’ve been nice to go for a nap after all this, it was alas time to get dressed and venture back outside. Laura brought me a glass of water and told me to take my time, which was nice as I’m sure the salon would’ve been busy, but I never felt rushed at any point.

After I paid for my treatments, which were worth every penny, the receptionist asked me if I wanted to join their loyalty scheme that entitles you to a free treatment after so many paid ones. I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

Hot stone massage, £40, and aromatherapy express facial, £30, Spa in the City, Glasgow 

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