Lip Service – Why We Should Celebrate National Lipstick Day

I make no secret about the fact that I LOVE a good lippie. Usually red, almost always Topshop’s amazing Rio Rio.

But why should an item of makeup have its very own day?

Yeah yeah, I know, there are national days of celebration for everything from bikinis to doughnuts (though not the same day, that would just be cruel!).

Yet this is one day I’ll be celebrating with relative enthusiasm. And obviously treating myself to a new shade in honour of this.

Here’s just a few reasons/justifications why lippie should be celebrated today…

1 – Anyone who’s anyone has had a lipstick shade created for/by them. Kate Moss for Rimmel, Rihanna for MAC – even The Queen had her own shade created for her 1952 coronation. The Balmoral Lipstick was named after her country home and matched the colour of her coronation robes. Oh to be queen for the day…

2 – It boosts morale. Fact. Apparently there was a movement to ration it during wartime, but it was thought to keep the spirits up so that idea was hastily quashed. In times of sadness, chaos and modern women warfare (ie man troubles) a slick of red lipstick is guaranteed to make you look wonderful on the outside, even if it’s a different story on the inside.

3 – Lipstick doesn’t descriminate: there really is a shade for everyone.Unlike cut-out dresses, mini skirts, crop tops, any shade of brown and denim hot pants, there will be at least one colour that helps enhance your best features and complement your skin tone.If you haven’t found the one yet, have faith – I guarantee your lipstick soulmate is much easier to find than the male version. And will probably stick around longer too.

4 – Lipstick is always fun. Even on items of clothing!

As if you need any more excuses to treat yourself to a new shade… swoon over these shades ladies

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