PURE Spa Skincare Review



I’ve visited PURE Spa in Glasgow a couple of times now for some much-needed pamper time, so it was great when the new PURE Spa skincare range landed through my letterbox recently.

Any time I’ve had a massage or facial in PURE, the therapist has used Elemis products (which are amazing!), so I was interested to see what the spa brand’s own skincare range would bring to the treatment table.

What’s the PURE Spa skincare range like?

On first impressions, the packaging is pretty on-brand and in keeping with the interior of the spa itself – minimal, monochrome and the epitome of clean.

In line with current skincare trends, the range features face oils and serums, rather than traditional moisturising creams, so I was excited to try out the fragrant formulas on my face.

I worked my way through the products I was sent and, since I have mixed feelings on the range, I’ve reviewed them individually.

PURE Hydrate & Renew Face Oil

I am currently switching between an Espa and Decleor face serum in times of moisturising need, so this sounded like it was ideal for my dry post-Ibiza skin.

Featuring a unique combination of frankincense and rose for dry/normal/sensitive skin, the oil claims to “refresh and revive your skin”.

It smells amazing, a bit like Turkish delight, but I was a bit disappointed by the results of this one.

The oil failed to sink into my skin, leaving me with an unwanted shiny look for the rest of the day.

I decided to swipe this one off with a face wipe one day when even my Estee Lauder Double Wear didn’t help to absorb the excess oil.

PURE hydrate & renew face oil

PURE hydrate & renew face oil

PURE Regulate and Clear Face Oil

Since turning 30, I’ve been plagued with stress-related breakouts, so I hoped this one would help me out in one particularly stressful hour (or week) of need.

The ylang yang and kukui oil for oily/combination/blemished skin worked better for me than the hydrating oil.

I didn’t know much about the Hawaiian kukui oil, but turns out it’s a favourite of Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o, used to soothe skin and heal wounds.

It definitely doesn’t smell as nice as the frankincense/rose oil, but after a week of using this I noticed that my forehead was less oily and the blemishes had dried up.

PURE refresh & revive face spritz and clean & glow cleansing oil

PURE refresh & revive face spritz and clean & glow cleansing oil

PURE Clean & Glow Cleansing Oil

I do love neroli and jojoba, so was sure this one would be a favourite.

While it promised much in the brand blurb (“a gentle, deep cleansing formula melts away make-up and grime, leaving skin soft, hydrated and glowing”), I was left disappointed.

My skin did feel glowing but it also had an oily residue leftover, so I found myself reaching for another cleanser to remove the remains of this one.

Kinda defeats the purpose when you need to cleanse off your cleanser, so for me this didn’t work.

PURE Refresh & Revive Face Spritz

Face sprays terrify me so I had to persist with this one! There’s something about liquid splashing onto my face that I just can’t compute without actively trying to jump out of the way!

The alcohol-free lavender and mint spray does feel nice on the skin, if you can sit still through the spritzing.

Claiming to hydrate and tone, as well as set your makeup, this is a great thing to have in your handbag in the summer if you need a refresh or a cool down.

PURE regenerate and boost eye serum

PURE regenerate and boost eye serum

PURE Regenerate & Boost Eye Serum

I’m always wary of placing any liquids on my eyes due to having developed strangely sensitive eyelids in my mid-twenties. No idea why, they just ballooned one day after applying my usual liquid eyeliner and haven’t been the same since!

Anyway, I decided to give this one a go on a quiet weekend so that if I did end up with huge swollen bug eyes, I wouldn’t scare the general public at any point.

Pleasantly surprised to report that the retinol and argan oil combination didn’t aggravate my eyelids and it had a nice aroma to it.

Time will tell if the anti-ageing claims prove to be true, but worth a go if you prefer an eye serum to a cream.

Overall verdict

I was definitely split on this range. I like the packaging and the scents of most of the products, but was only really impressed by the regulate and clear face oil.

As with every skincare range, so much depends on your own skin type and what works for you, so I’d definitely recommend testing out the products first.

The range is priced at £14.50-£34.50, so it’s in line with premium skincare brands, but without the established reputation.

Worth trying before you buy with a facial at your nearest PURE Spa to see if you like the results from the products used first.

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*These products were sent to me by the brand but all opinions are my own