Advertising and Affiliate Links

Although every item featured on this blog is chosen by me, I do occasionally use affiliate links to monetise any click through that comes via my blog for retailers. This simply means that if you see something on my blog and want to buy it, I get a small percentage that comes from any sale directly attributed via your click through from this blog. This is the same process whether you click through from a link or advertising banner on my site. Some but not all external links may be revenue-bearing affiliate links.

Product/Service Reviews

I do occasionally receive free samples or offers of treatments in order to feature these on my blog. If that is the case I will always disclose this with an asterisk (*) beside the product or service listed in the blog post. This blog features items that are to my personal taste so you can rest assured that I wouldn’t feature an item of clothing solely because it was sent to me or give a positive product/service review just because I had received this for free.

While I encourage brands to get in touch if they want me to feature them, this is on the condition that I am allowed to give an honest and transparent opinion about their product/service, whether this be positive or negative.


All original content is ©Bella Blondie, Rock N Roll Blonde 2009-2015. Since 2009 this blog has also existed under two other titles, The Caledonista and My Blonde Ambition, for which copyright is also reserved. This includes previous logos and work originally uploaded to the urls http://www.thecaledonista.blogspot.com and http://bellablondie.com . No words or images may be reproduced without permission from the copyright holder.

Some of the images on this blog have been shot by Bella Blondie. If I use alternate sources for photography, I always try to credit where the original source is known. This credit is either listed as a caption beside the image or contained within the blog post content. If I have either failed to credit accurately or you are the copyright holder and wish an image to be removed from this blog, I will gladly comply. Most images are used to highlight work that I admire, therefore I would hope that any image use is perceived as an acknowledgement of my appreciation for the work rather than seeking to gain credit for it.

Where an image belongs to a retailer or is provided to me via an affiliate network that promotes a retailer, the link from the image will usually link to the website of this retailer, therefore crediting the image source directly.


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