Since everyone keeps asking me what I’ve done to my eyebrows (in a good way, hopefully) I thought I may as well share.

While everyone else was watching Roger Federer get knocked out of Wimbledon last week, I was sauntering round Topshop on Oxford Street. A, because it was the only place I could find in central London with air conditioning and a toilet and B, because it’s always rude not to visit Topshop when in the capital.

But as I tried on a variety of skater skirts and neon vests (90s moment), I caught a glimpse of my unruly caterpillar brows and decided being away from home was not an excuse to be overgrown.

So I headed down to the Blink Brow Bar, which is handily located in the basement of Topshop’s flagship store. As I stared at the price list wondering where the simple eyebrow wax option was, a Blink therapist informed me she’d had a DNA (did not attend) and if I was after a trim she could fit me in.

Music to my ears so I hopped on to the reclining chair and got ready to be waxed.

Only I missed the key point: Blink is an eyebrow threading bar.

“Threading allows control when shaping brows to ensure perfectly sculpted eyebrows. A cotton thread is used to glide across the skin, removing excess hair while it does so. Not only that but the thread grabs and ships out every single hair by its root leaving a cleaner finish with longer lasting results. The results are wonderfully neat and perfectly symmetrical eyebrows which can take years off your face.”

Blink Brow Bar

Now I’m a rounded eyebrow kind of girl who, since 1999, has classed Liz Hurley as the uber-eyebrow icon of our times. The kind of shape you only get with a good, clean wax that I weirdly enjoy.So threading’s never been on my radar, despite all the hype over the queen of the angled brow, Cara Delevingne.

But I felt so relaxed and comfortable in the chair that I was ready to embrace threading, whatever the result!

The entire process, which lasted about 20 mins, was surprisingly calming and almost pain free. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it was pain free as the sensation of threading didn’t cause me to flinch at all. I’d imagined it to be more like plucking (ouch!) than waxing but it resembled neither. You do feel something happening as the therapist works on your brows with the thread, but it doesn’t even pull the skin.

I also have some strange eyebrow hairs that insist on sticking out from the browline, which usually has to be tamed with some vaseline. But however my brows were trimmed at Blink seems to have sorted this out, result.

New eyebrow shape courtesy of Blink Brow Bar

I was slightly nervous when she handed me a mirror to check the results but I was pleasantly surprised at how the new shape suited me. The definition makes my eyebrows appear longer, even though I’m pretty sure she shaved more hairs off the middle of the brows than I usually get with a wax.

Once I gave the nod that I was happy with my new, angled brows, the therapist massaged some calming lotion over them and I think I’d actually pay someone to do this at the end of every hot summer day – bliss!

I’m pleased to report that 14 days later I’ve not had to pluck a single hair and the shape has kept well. My only dilemma now is where to continue with the threading, since Blink don’t have any brow bars in Glasgow. They seem to be located in larger department stores, predominately in London but with some presence in Manchester, Newcastle and other English cities – so why not in Scotland?

Blink Loyalty Card

I will use the Blink Loyalty Card I received next time I’m in London though, as you get a free brow shape for every five purchased. At £17, the basic brow shape’s not cheap but it does last. And I’d be tempted to try out one of the other treatments offered by Blink, which extends beyond eyebrows to eyelashes, nails and massages (in some salons only).

PRICE: 3/5

For a full treatment list and to book an appointment visit

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When I was invited along to the new nailgirls salon in Debenhams Silverburn, I was interested to see what treatments and colours were on offer. Especially since a complimentary treatment sounded like the perfect pre-Christmas treat to myself!

nailgirls London claims to be “the premier UK based nail polish brand” with an affordable, luxurious boutique nail spa in the heart of London, Islington to be precise. Being a former north London girl myself, often wandering along to check out Islington’s chic streets full of boutiques and bars, this intrigued me. If it was good enough for that fashionable corner of north London, then it was sure to appeal to me.

Established three years ago by two sisters, Joanna and Lynda-Louise Burrell, nailgirls is inspired by Lynda-Louise’s experiences of visiting walk-in nail bars in New York City when she worked there as a fashion editor and stylist. Having recently partnered with Debenhams in Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow, to open their second nail spa, nailgirls’ owners are keen to bring their unique take on nail luxury north of the border.

So off to nailgirls Silverburn I went, ready to be pampered and preened at the end of a long working week.

When I arrived at the salon, right in the heart of the buzzing Debenhams beauty counters, I was greeted by the lovely Lisa who would be my therapist for the next 35 minutes. I was going to be treated to a signature nailgirls manicure, which sounded like heaven to someone whose idea of nailcare is scratching off the remains of week-old colour to replace with something new.

Lisa shaped, buffed and primed my nails for colour with a cuticle treatment, followed by a relaxing sugar scrub massage. Then I sat back while my hands enjoyed the warmth of some heated mitts that worked on opening my pores. I could have sat with these on all day had it not been for the pink champagne that accompanied my treatment – bit difficult to hold a champagne flute with one of those things on!

Once my nails were finished receiving some therapy, I got to choose a colour from the extensive chem-free nailgirls London polish range, which is handily available to buy from their salons or website. Feeling festive, I opted for Red #2, a classic glossy garnet shade.

nailgirls London Red #2 Classic Garnet

As Lisa expertly finished off my colour application, I noticed how busy the nail bar was. In addition to myself and some other shoppers in need of some me time, Lisa’s fellow nailgirls colleague Pav was attending to a group of pre-teen girls who were being treated to a grown-up girls’ day out. I watched in awe as Pav applied  a series of bold colours and sparkling embellishments to these tiny nails, all the while managing to keep them entertained. Not an easy task but one that Pav coped with better than I ever could!

If you’re heading to Silverburn for some retail therapy, I’d totally recommend popping by the nailgirls bar for anything from a mini treatment to a full signature manicure.

I’ve teamed up with nailgirls to give you a taste of luxury for less with some special offers.

Get £5 off any treatment at nailgirls silverburn when you quote My Blonde Ambition.

Get 50% off any item from the nailgirls London website when you enter promo code 50%offer at the checkout. Offer valid from 26th December 2012.

Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

It’s not often I get excited about a nail varnish launch, but this one is an exception.

As seen on fashion’s favourite clotheshorse, Alexa Chung, Nails Inc’s leather-look nail varnish with crystal skulls appeals to anyone with a bit of bad girl in them. And I know there’s lots of us out there…

It certainly looks to tick all my top trend boxes – leather, skulls, black, sparkly – but at £19 per set, I do hope it’s not an overpriced novelty that fails to live up to expectation.

The polish promises to be glossy on application but dries to a chic, textured leather-look finish.

Included in the set are four sparkly skull embellishments, begging to add some bling to your fingertips.

My only fault on inspection is – why not have more skulls? I like the idea of having a skull for each nail, but maybe I’m being greedy.

Available from Nails Inc’s website and Selfridges, this is the perfect Christmas present to myself. Let’s hope I’m not disappointed when I unwrap the goods!

Nails Inc Leather and Skulls Set, £19, Nails Inc and Selfridges

Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.