When people ask you who your idol or inspiration is it can be hard to pinpoint one person who has the sort of longevity to constantly be a source of inspiration. After all, we live in a world where today’s triumphs are tomorrow’s trash, so everyone’s looking to latch on to the ‘next big thing’ (before someone else instagrams it…).

I’ve had many idols of the celebrity variety of the years, but there’s only ever been one that’s continued to inspire me through my whole life and constantly surprises me with her ability to reinvent herself.

I believe I was 3 years old when I was sat in front of Top of the Pops, transfixed by Madonna, who was, at the time, sporting a bright pink wig singing Holiday. That was the beginning of a lifelong adulation for the woman who would become an international pop star, actress, dancer, performer, fashion icon, mother, film director, businesswoman and icon.

I’m sure my parents were horrified that I just wanted to be Madonna, when I could’ve chosen someone a bit less offensive and sexualised. At ten years old I’d moved on from having posters on my wall and cassettes of all her albums to asking the hairdresser to bleach my hair and refusing to remove the bright red lipstick I thought was appropriate for school. Come to think of it, I haven’t really moved on from those issues!

So almost 30 years later, I finally got the chance to see my idol perform at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro Arena. Having missed her last visit to Scotland (a near universally-panned performance at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh) I didn’t know quite what to expect.

Was she still up for it? Would she play my favourite hits? Would she disappoint me like some many of our idols do? Yes, yes and no. Turning up fashionably late, she put on a spectacular two hour show with no breaks – truly the queen of everything.

For the majority of the show I just looked on in awe as she perfected dance routines and changed costumes seamlessly, adding in a few one-liners to show she still has a sense of humour these days.

Many things have been and will be written about her, and she wouldn’t have it any other way, but for me the most impressive thing about Madonna is her ability to keep going. Criticism of her music, acting ability, appearance, personal life and political beliefs don’t stop her from doing what she wants to do, whether other people believe she should or not.

And that’s the thing I suppose – they’re all just other people, but there will only ever be one Madonna.

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Thanks to Jeremy Scott’s Barbie takeover at Moschino and Wildfox’s supercool range, the doll of our dreams is back in fashion.

You don’t have to be blonde to appreciate this season’s Barbie trend, though I’d always say it helps!

The high street, as always, has latched on to this cute as candy look, with plenty of pieces guaranteed to get you a second look from potential Ken-alikes.

Life always looked better in the dreamhouse so think pink and become an on-trend living doll…

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Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

Patsy Kensit’s autobiography Absolute Beginner
Patsy Kensit and Liam Gallagher on the cover of
Vanity Fair magazine at the height of Cool Britannia

When I heard Patsy Kensit was penning an autobiography I knew I had to buy it it. Part self help and part curiosity, I look forward to finding out how she’s managed to stay a hopeless romantic in spite of four failed marriages and a string of betrayals from men she loved. Especially when one of those failed marriages involved the man she says will always be the love of her life, Liam Gallagher. Where do you go after that?!

Throw in a couple of cancer scares, a less than ideal upbringing and a constant battle to remain thin poor Patsy’s not exactly had it easy, so the book (so far) is proving to be a fascinating read.

These days she’s most recognised as the face of Weight Watchers but in the ’90s Patsy was somewhat of a style icon, not adverse to flashing flesh in sheer underwear and slinky slip dresses. Not as outlandish as her sister in law of the time, Meg Mathews, she was the understated yet sexy rock star wife of the decade.

Seeing as the ’90s are having another moment, we could do worse than look to Patsy’s Primrose Hill wardrobe for inspiration. Never know, it may even catch the eye of potential rock star husbands…

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When boho luxe was in its Sienna Miller-style heyday ten years ago, Sass & Bide was the label to lust after. I remember trawling Net a Porter during sale time in the hope of finding a discounted tie-dye beach dress. Along with every other Ibiza-bound boho wannabe that summer.
Since then, the Australian label’s dropped off my radar and I no longer dream of looking slinky in their floaty frocks and skinny Sienna-style jeans. Though perhaps I should now that Suki Waterhouse is the latest face of the brand.
The model and actress, currently Bradley Cooper’s date of choice, styled herself in the latest Sass & Bide campaign featuring lines from their autumn/winter ’13 Wintergate collection.
Shot against an enviable backdrop of a hip brownstone building in New York City, the blonde model turns muse for Sass & Bide and makes the look a bit more current, for me anyway. And judging by these shots the Sass & Bide look is way more hip than hippie these days, who knew?

My favourite images are the minimalistic interior shots where Suki looks like a grunge princess with dishevelled blonde locks. All the shots were taken by Andrew de Francesco, whose previous campaigns include Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren.

Shop Sass & Bide:

Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.


It’s hard to believe that Michelle Williams started her acting career in ’90s teen drama Dawson’s Creek, especially when you look at the latest shots of her in Louis Vuitton’s new campaign.

The Creek kids never had the edge when it came to style, opting for a uniform of checked shirts and stonewash jeans as they played out a series of melodramas in the backwaters of America.

But Michelle’s character Jen Lindley at least promised some fashion moments, with too-tight sweaters and flirty babydoll dresses we can only assume she’d managed to smuggle in her suitcase from her time living in New York.

The luxury label has latched onto the blonde bombshell’s early on-screen grunge roots for the autumn/winter 2013 shots, with Michelle’s first major fashion campaign featuring a strong ’90s vibe.

With the minimal styling and striking makeup, Michelle’s more reminiscent of early ’90s Madonna than ’50s starlet Marilyn Monroe, whom she recently morphed into for her lead role in My Week With Marilyn.

The overly-monogrammed Louis Vuitton collections certainly need an injection of cool after becoming synonymous with WAG meets Essex style. Judging by these shots, Michelle might just be the girl to do it.

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It’s early days as far as fashion goes but I’m loving Saint Laurent, minus the Yves. With Hedi Slimane in full-on indie makeover mode, the brand’s direction is music to my rockstar-loving ears.

The recent collections feature Hedi’s trademark skinny, grunge-infused silhouettes and there’s a gritty glamour about the brand’s revival that appeals to me now, whereas I probably wouldn’t have bothered looking at the catwalk shows a few years back if I’m being honest.


I’m a massive fan of Hedi Slimane’s Rock Diary blog and subsequent book, where the designer documented indie icons such as Courtney Love, Pete Doherty (a frequent Slimane muse) and Amy Winehouse in photograph.

Hedi knows how to capture a moment and so we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s managed to do so in the latest Saint Laurent campaign. Model of the moment Cara Delevingne meets decade of the moment, the ’90s, in a tale of excess grunge.


The film and campaign shots certainly do more than nod to the heroin chic vibe of many of his muses and of course the early ’90s anti-glamour look that’s crept back into the fashion consciousness of late. It’s easy to see why Kate Moss was reportedly overheard saying she “wanted everything” from the collection.

And also understandable why everyone seems to either love or hate this new Saint Laurent vibe – if you don’t like the ’90s and you don’t do grunge, then this is just a rehash of Kurt Cobain’s wardrobe circa 1992.

Cara looks elegantly wasted in the shots and I’m torn between thinking she’s in a heroin-filled love shack on a deserted island or she’s actually in a remote rehab centre where her only friend is a cute recovering addict indie boy. Either way, it looks divine.

Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.


It’s that time of year again where the January blues have well and truly kicked in and retailers are trying to perk us up by focusing our attention on that other dreaded sentimental waste of money special occasion.

I hate Valentine’s Day with a passion (no irony or pun intended) but it is a good excuse to treat myself to lingerie I actually want to wear rather than return because it’s a) red b) tacky and c) completely the wrong size (boys, take note – we don’t like this stuff, no matter how much the Ann Summers sales assistant says we do!).

As much as everyone raves about getting their undies from the ever-reliable M&S, I’ve genuinely never found a Marks and Spencer bra that fits or suits me. And yes I have went through the soul-destroying fitting ‘experience’ that every outlet offers. Useless!

Having the ridiculously gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley fronting a lingerie range is a masterstroke though. Don’t believe for a second she had anything to do with the design of this collection of dreamy boudoir-perfect pieces, but damn does she look good in them!


The average woman will probably look washed out wearing a palette of blush pinks and warm neutrals, but if we think for one second we’ll look as tempting as RHW does in her silks then we are sold.

But wait a minute, is that a mere mortal wearing something from the collection? Ah yes, the DD+ range is modelled by a pretty girl whose bust clearly does not fill the weird-shaped cups. We can see the indents where your C-cups stop, love. So maybe I’m not sold after all.

M&S, why do you make weird-shaped bras for anyone whose bust is bigger than a D-cup? We don’t want you to change the shape, we just want you to make the cups slightly bigger!

If I can’t get something from this range to suit then I’ll just be trying to perfect Rosie’s pout and tousled hair, most likely in some George @ Asda undies – the best fit I’ve found for only £6.

Rosie for Autograph starts from £12.50 at M&S
Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.