Since the TV is actual crap these days, I’ve taken to revisiting DVD boxsets, the ultimate winter comfort blanket! You know what you’re getting, you’ve seen them before and if you enjoyed it first time round, you’ll love it on second inspection.

This Life is my latest love, sparked by a remarkable empathy for all the absolute bullshit that Anna, played by Daniella Nardini, had to put up with. I was 14 the first time the show aired late night on BBC2. Didn’t really have that much in common with a bunch of twenty-something lawyers. But the mean and moody Miles Stewart (Jack Davenport) was hot stuff in a granddad collar shirt and there was always some Britpop tune playing in the background. It made for compulsive viewing when I should have been in bed on a school night.

Last time I watched the boxset was before the much-hyped reunion show 5 years ago which, predictably, didn’t live up to its promise. A one-off never does – too many loose ends, unfinished business and, ultimately, disappointments at how the characters’ lives have ended up.
But this time around I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Anna dish out put downs I could only dream of making and fucking up everything in truly spectacular style while looking fabulous in leopard print and red lipstick. Thanks to hours of revisiting my 90s TV style crush, I’ve got a longing for a knee-length leopard print coat and yet another little black dress.
So here’s to Anna, who really should’ve been a blonde…

CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Passion, £25, House of Fraser


Only the old can afford to be young

There have been nights when I’ve lost it. I always seem to find it again in the morning.

Well if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a long bath and a short dress to get into.

Despite all its shortcomings, I’m still partial to penis! 

And my personal favourite, used to describe Miles:

He’s a walking hard-on

If you didn’t catch it first time round, or when it’s been repeated on some obscure Sky channel, I would highly recommend putting the boxset on your Christmas wishlist. Especially if sexual tension and sarcasm’s your thing.