I’m so annoyed with myself for missing the first two episodes of this e4 series, but how good is it??

For a 90s kid, this is TV heaven and allows me to relive my youth without actually having to go back there.

With plenty of Oasis on the soundtrack, parent-free house parties and embarrassing diary-worthy moments involving boys we should not, but so obviously do, fancy, it pretty much takes me back to my teens.

And before you think I’m looking back, not so much with anger, but with Lennon-esque round rose-tinted glasses, I can assure you I’m not.

The one thing the show does highlight is how appalling some 90s fashion truly was. How did we ever expect to pull a Finn lookalike wearing a checked shirt and ill-fitting jeans combo?

And hair before ghds/highlights/extensions plainly just sucked. Though not as much as lilac eyeshadow and bushy eyebrows – words fail me on why we thought this was a good look.

Bless lead character Rae Earl and her backpack – we really didn’t know the science that smaller bags = larger bodies in the 90s. If only someone had pointed out that it’s all about proportions (cue The Olsens), we wouldn’t have been so eager to strap one of those things to our backs.

But alas, they seem to be having a revival now that the 90s is considered retro/vintage/waybackwhen.

If you really must channel Raemundo in a backpack, make sure it’s one of these – perfect for carrying your padlocked diary entries and mix tapes.

1 – Imogen Leopard Rucksack, £25, Boohoo.com // 2 – Vivienne Westwood Cobalt Blue Leather Backpack, £550, Coggles.com // 3 – Studded Denim Backpack, £35, Topshop // 4 – Italian Leather Backpack, £49, M&Co // 5 – Moschino Quilted Backpack, £1118.33, farfetch.com // 6 – Studded Acid Wash Denim Backpack, £24.99, New Look

My Mad Fat Diary, e4, Mondays at 10pm