Christmas countdowns for adults have gotten a whole lot more exciting over the past few years with the popularity of advent calendars for grownups.

If you don’t fancy waking up to a new choccie treat behind the window each morning, there’s a variety of beauty advent calendars providing some fabulous incentives to coax you out of bed in anticipation on cold winter mornings.

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Halloween is all but over and this year I didn’t even make it to a party. No dressing up, no trick or treating, no ghosts and ghouls. But to be fair, there’s enough ghouls, goblins, gremlins, guys out there on a normal weekend, so I’ll never be too far away from a haunting or disturbing experience. It’s a horror/freak show out there, depending on which way you look at it. And it’s those that look the most normal that usually have the biggest skeletons in their closet.
Yesterday was #NationalTextYourExDay according to the official guide to life, Twitter. Talk about an early Halloween horror show – why would you? ‘Ex’ marks the start of many great adjectives – exhausting, exasperating, excruciating. Don’t let twitter fool you into thinking it’s an excellent/exciting/exhilarating idea to participate in this ploy to up your mobile phone usage. You’ll only end up hating yourself. Again. Unless you’re drunk of course. And so is he…
But enough about men, let’s talk about fashion. The dark side’s not just for Halloween – it’s for Christmas and New Year too, judging by the catwalk and high street collections. Suits me – I bought a black Christmas tree the other day (£10 from B&M stores – bargain!) so I’ll be entering into the gothic festive cheer this year. 
Deluxe Black Christmas Tree, £9.99, B&M Stores
Needless to say I won’t be decorating it as pictured, but you get the idea. If anyone knows where I can get a skull instead of a star to sit at the top of the tree, it would be much appreciated!
I found some bewitching buys that would’ve been perfect to wear for Halloween, but since the gothic trend’s continuing for a few months yet, I think they’re worth investing in/saving for:
Grey Cross Print Vest, £20, Miss Selfridge
Skull dress, £14, Kylie @ M&Co


Lipstick in Wicked, Topshop, £9


Black Cross Print Leggings, £12.99, New Look


Black Skull Print Dress, £19.99, New Look


Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Bitter Bitch, £25, Harrods


Valentino So Noir Pony Slingback, £715, Harrods


Alexander McQueen Skull Print Silk-Chiffon Scarf, £165,


Markus Lupfer Sequin Embellished Vampire Wool Sweater, £290,


Zoe Karssen Bat Print Sweater, £95, Matches


Skull Stretch Bracelet, £8, ASOS


Lipsy Cross Print Jumper, £32, Next
Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.