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As a bit of a colour geek I always look forward to seeing the shades that Pantone decides are most worthy of our attention each season.

While my wardrobe may be consistently black, with a bit of white, grey and red thrown in, it’s nice to know which colours are going to prominent enough for me to consider changing it up a bit.

Spring 2016’s hottest shades, as decided by Pantone, are Rose Quartz and Serenity. 

In non-colour-geek-speak this translates as baby/powder/pale/pastel pink and blue.

I’m not known for my love of pastels, they don’t generally do anything other than make me look ill, but there are exceptions.

I find that blush, when it errs on the nude rather than sickly pink side, works wonders for making me look tanned.

Lilac and mint are absolute no gos, but pale denim blue doesn’t look too offensive on me.

The key to pastels for me is looking super tanned and blonde, but I’m sure the more pale and interesting out there won’t have any issues with this season’s pantones. 

From my moodboard you can see I’m loving the rose quartz options out there slightly more than the serenity pieces, but I have to say that the blue Isabel Marant shirt keeps catching my eye.

Favourites on my pantone wish list are most definitely the Chanel pearl earrings and the rose quartz Burberry Kensington crochet trench coat.

Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

After years of battling the British weather in wellies in order to catch a few bands in an open field, I’m opting out of the traditional UK festival trip this year.

Coachella in April opens festival season each year and leaves us dreaming of rocking floaty maxi dresses and studded sandals as we sip ice cold drinks under the sunset. 

The reality in the UK is less than idyllic.

T in the Park in particular has a habit of getting the temperatures mixed up – somehow we end up with warm cider as we hide from ice cold torrential rain in the height of summer. Pretty sure it should be the other way around…

So this year I’m evacuating and looking forward to sunbathing by day and partying by night at Spain’s Benicassim festival.

Need convincing? Here’s just a few reasons why festivals are better in the sun…

1. You can wear sunglasses (and not just to hide your hangover)

So it goes without saying that I carry sunglasses with me in all weathers, but even I would admit to feeling like a bit of a dick wearing mirrored wayfarers when it’s 5 degrees and raining buckets in the middle of a muddy field.

Everyone wears shades at a sunny festival, almost like it’s mandatory. 

And it kinda is when the skies are always blue and the sun is always shining.

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2. Swap your rucksack for a suitcase

One of the worst things about UK festivals is the backbreaking rucksack fiasco. 

Yeah sure, we all try and pack light but when you’re trying to fit in four days worth of clothes that are appropriate for hail, rain or shine, it gets slightly tricky.

I’m not sure what’s worse – the way to the campsite where you face a never ending uphill battle with ten tonnes of “lightweight layers” strapped to your back.

Or the long journey home where you’re weighed down by exhaustion/rain/the hangover and end up chucking half of your festival essentials to stop you from sinking in the mud bath fields.

An overpacked suitcase sounds like heaven in comparison.

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3. Take your best bag

You may as well take a plastic carrier bag to hold your lipstick, money and baby wipes when you attend a British festival.

When it comes to arm candy we’re talking more mudberry than Mulberry by the time you’ve battled your way through the overflowing pints. Anything less than waterproof and your banknotes will look like wet leaves, swimming in a pool of cider dregs and raindrops.

Festivals in the sun, however, accommodate your best bag buddies a bit better.

Swinging your Chanel from your shoulder is a good look, especially when you don’t have to sit it down next to a mud puddle at any point in the day.

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4. Boho doesn’t look bonkers

Admit it, how many times have you sat watching Glasto, pointing and laughing at the hippie-wannabes as they try and wade through ten inches of mud in embellished maxi dresses?

Sure, Kate Moss looks all boho babe as she floats about festivals in her fringed kimono and denim cutoffs, but she usually gets dropped off at the VIP tent. No 3 mile trek from the carpark to campsite in gladiator sandals for our Mossy.

Boho is a bit more achievable when it’s sunny and even better when it’s near a beach. Suddenly, it all makes sense and we can rock every Coachella cliche because we’re not weighed down by mud. Winning!

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5. You don’t have to camp

Festivals in Britain tend to be in the middle of nowhere, so camping really is the only option (unless you happen to live very close by and don’t mind travelling every day).

The first time is always a novelty, sleeping under the stars and drinking cider by the campfire with your mates… so romantic!

But when you’ve experienced an actual river running through your tent during a monsoon in July, that novelty soon wears off. Soggy sleeping bags, muddy socks and freezing midnight trips to the portaloos (always with no toilet roll and never clean) are something that can only be endured when you’re very drunk. 

Although you can camp at sunnier festivals, they’re often located next to beach resorts, meaning there’s an array of hotels, apartments and villas nearby.

Beds, showers, clean towels, clean clothes and possibly even a pool to sunbathe beside during the day? Absolute bliss!


Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.



Thanks to Jeremy Scott’s Barbie takeover at Moschino and Wildfox’s supercool range, the doll of our dreams is back in fashion.

You don’t have to be blonde to appreciate this season’s Barbie trend, though I’d always say it helps!

The high street, as always, has latched on to this cute as candy look, with plenty of pieces guaranteed to get you a second look from potential Ken-alikes.

Life always looked better in the dreamhouse so think pink and become an on-trend living doll…

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Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

So last year I decided to write a list of fashion resolutions. Think I failed to achieve/stick to any of them!

The problem with resolutions is that they’re unnatural; we are cajoling ourselves into doing things that ultimately we’ve resisted doing up until this point.

Instead of creating resolutions that we’ll have conveniently forgotten by the time we’re munching on a Creme Egg (yes, they’re on sale already!), let’s just look at the failsafe buys for the year ahead.

These are my 15 wardrobe essentials for 2015, the ones I tend to update every year and the ones I usually never regret purchasing…


1. Leather Jacket

It goes without saying that I already own a few of these but if you find one that fits like a glove then it’s never a wasted purchase. The quality of the leather is just as important as the fit and cut, so it always pays to spend a bit more on a new leather jacket. I’ve made the mistake of purchasing a few high street versions from retailers that shall not be named – let’s just say squeaky leather didn’t make for an enjoyable wear!

A leather jacket need not be designer, though I do admire this cropped Valentino number. The best leather bikers I’ve had are from Topshop and I can vouch that they only get better with age.

Valentino Cropped Leather Biker Jacket

Valentino Cropped Leather Jacket

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2. Little Black Dress

It’s what I wear most days, and indeed needs, so this one’s inevitable. Choosing a black dress should be easy yet I find myself trying on multiple versions, deciding between fits and fabrics like it was a life changing decision. And sometimes it can be – the perfect little black dress can be your best friend when you need to look your very best.

Balenciaga Black Asymmetric Jersey Dress

Balenciaga Black Asymmetric Jersey Dress

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3. Trench Coat

This one can be slightly tricky for me as I love looking at longer styles but find a shorter trench coat suits my shape and height better. The iconic Burberry camel trench coat has spawned a thousand imitations, paying homage to the power this piece has when it comes to giving your look a perfectly polished feel.

Burberry Kensington Heritage Trench Coat

Burberry Kensington Heritage Trench Coat

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4. Shirt Dress

Another favourite dress style of mine, but harder than it looks when you’re bigger than a B cup up top. Buttons are the enemy and camisoles become friends when I’m shopping shirt dresses, but I still think they’re an essential part of a day to night wardrobe.

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5. Statement Necklace

Bring on the bling this year, as the statement necklace is here to stay. I keep reading that statement earrings will be where it’s at but that gets boring when your ear lobes start to droop at the mere thought of wearing heavy hoops and giant gems.

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Statement Necklace

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Statement Necklace

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6. Quilted Handbag

The quilted Chanel 2.55 will forever be the ultimate arm candy but until that’s actually attainable then I’ll continue to buy the tribute acts. Moschino and Marc Jacobs are doing well at providing affordable alternatives, complete with shiny gold chain strap.

Black Moschino quilted bag with chain strap

Moschino Quilted Bag

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7. Chic Cardi

It’s got to have shiny gold buttons, some sort of embellishment or a supersoft yarn to keep me interested. Here’s some of my most wanted coverups for the year ahead…

All Saints Wasson Cardigan

All Saints Wasson Cardigan

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8. Biker Boots

Buckles, studs and the odd chain detail make these irresistible to me. My only problem usually is which pair to choose…

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9. Silk Nightwear

I absolutely loathe onesies. Don’t understand why anyone would want to look like a giant baby, whether they’re awake or asleep. There’s nothing better than sleeping in silk, and the odd bit of lace. The dream is to look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in her Rosie for M&S Autograph range. Unlikely, but it’s fun trying when the range is gorgeous as the model herself!

Rosie for Autograph M&S Pure Silk Chemise

Rosie for M&S Autograph Pure Silk Chemise

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10. Ballet Pumps

Still my flat shoe of choice, after many seasons of threatening to be replaced by the brogue, the loafer and the slipper.

Chloe Lauren leather ballet shoes

Chloe Lauren leather ballet flats

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11. Colour Pop Piece

Although I’m more inclined to shop for monochrome pieces, I do like the odd pop of colour. Pastels ain’t my thing but a bold bright occasionally takes centre stage in my wardrobe. Pillarbox red, royal blue and fuchsia pink tend to be my shades of choice so I’m glad to see some options already emerging for SS15.

Oasis Red 60s Bardot Dress

Oasis Red 60s Bardot Dress

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12. Parka Jacket

Much like the trench coat, the perfect parka is often an elusive thing. Common problems: too long, too short, too much padding (no one wants to resemble a stuffed Eskimo), fabric that’s not waterproof (why?!)… However I’ve found my perfect for with the Whistles Thea – detachable faux fur hood for rainy days and a wax coating makes it waterproof.

Whistles Thea Waxy Parka Jacket

Whistles Thea Waxy Parka Jacket

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13. Leopard Print

I prefer to think of leopard print as being more Brigitte Bardot than Bet Lynch. Which is probably why it’s the one print I’ll buy every season. I’ll always have at least one leopard print dress in rotation and I will never tire of buying leopard print scarves. An essential accessory on red lipstick days!

Oasis Animal Shift Dress

Oasis Animal Shift Dress

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14. Day to Night Boots

I have a love/hate relationship with heels – I love to look at them but usually hate wearing them. Therefore when I need height, a platform heel or wedge is my footwear friend. Also great for when after work drinks turn into 3am dancing sessions.

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15. Sunglasses

Don’t care what anyone says, this is the ultimate year-round accessory. A good pair of shades will see you through high summer days and low winter sunsets. They also hide a multitude of sins, from sleepless nights to hungover mornings, so choose an ace pair that you’ll love to wear.

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Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.