Ibiza sunset from San Antonio Bay

Ibiza sunset from San Antonio Bay

Top tips for holidaying in Ibiza on a budget

Thanks to Brexit and its delightful impact on the exchange rate, us Ibiza babes get way less bang for our hard-earned bucks this year.

If you’re a White Isle diehard you pretty much accept that it’s the most expensive holiday destination in Europe when it comes to drinks, dancing and dining.

Sure, you could neck half a bottle of vodka and hit the west end pubs every night for a cheap thrill. But you’d be missing out on what makes Ibiza different to every other holiday resort in Europe.

It’s amazing how the beautiful people of Pacha soon convince us that €80 to see a superstar DJ and €23 for a vodka Red Bull is actually quite good value for money. A bargain, even!

So how do you survive a glamorous week in Ibiza without being a millionaire or ending up with a hefty credit card bill afterwards?

Here’s my top tips for having a glam and (almost) guilt-free holiday with the beautiful people…

Adults only Beach Star Apartment Ibiza

Adults only Beach Star Apartment Ibiza

1. Budget accommodation in Ibiza

Ibiza is such a small island that you can stay practically anywhere and still reach the nightlife with relative ease. But it does make sense to think about where you’ll be spending most of your time to save on taxi fares.

If you’re bound to hit the superclubs at least three times during your stay, consider staying closer to Playa d’en Bossa and Ibiza Town. Although the initial outlay is likely to be more than the accommodation in San Antonio or San An Bay, you’ll balance it with what you save on taxi fees once you’re there.

Self catering apartments are almost always the least expensive option and, let’s face it, are you really gonna get value for money at an all inclusive hotel when you’re not home in time for breakfast and too hungover for lunch? Thought not.

Top Tip: Avoid hotels in San Antonio unless you enjoy hearing your questionable neighbours having sex through the paper thin hotel room wall and don’t mind stepping over used condoms beside the pool.


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2. Travel in style, in budget

Okay, so flying via Ryanair or Easyjet can in no way be described as travelling in style.

But once you’ve sorted your budget airline flights, it’s time to think about your transport choices once you’re on the island itself.

One of the things I love about landing at Ibiza airport is the convenience of stepping straight into a taxi and arriving at your accommodation in 25 minutes tops.

No need to bother with pesky transfer buses that are always late, overcrowded and take an age to get to your hotel due to the 25 drop offs before you.

I’ve never paid more than €30 from the airport to my destination and, when there’s a group of you travelling, that really is a bargain. 

Be realistic about how often you really will take the disco bus anywhere – it may only be €3 per person, but if you need to make your way to San Antonio bus station and you’re not staying close by, then a taxi straight to the club is almost always the best option.

There’s no shortage of taxis on the island during peak season so lookout for the green light and flag one down or get your accommodation reception to book you one if you’re staying a bit further out.

As a rough guide, the text fares are as follows:

Playa d’en Bossa – Ibiza Town €10

Playa d’en Bossa – San Antonio/Bay €30

San Antonio/Bay – Ibiza Town €25

Top Tip: If your bladder control can withstand a twenty minute journey in a taxi/bus, pour your drink of choice in a plastic bottle. It makes the journey way more fun and saves you buying more overpriced alcohol in the club when you get there.

Ibiza sunset from Bay Bar, San Antonio Bay

Ibiza sunset from Bay Bar, San Antonio Bay

3. See the sunset for free

You will no doubt have heard that the best place to watch the famous Ibiza sunset is Cafe Mambo. 

This is, to an extent, a true story. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the only way to witness the sun setting on the Island.

Yes, Cafe Mambo at sunset is something to be experienced, but venture here every night and you’ll blow your budget unnecessarily.

Walk past Mambo to the rocks by the sea and you’ll find plenty of other holidaymakers perched on the rocks with some homemade cocktails or bottles of prosecco at a fraction of the cost that Mambo charge. 

It’s still glamorous, just in a slightly different way!

If you’re set on watching the sunset from a bar then try one of the beachfront bars round in San Antonio Bay. You still get a great view of the sun setting, but cocktails and sangria will be a bit less expensive.

Top Tip: Visit Mambo after the sun sets for better seats and more attentive service. As the crowd starts to head off to get ready for the clubs, you’ll find the waiters will be more accommodating. You might even get a glass of fizz on the house if you look glamorous enough, as the staff will want to keep you on the terrace for as long as possible.

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

4. Go to the pre-parties

The aforementioned €80 ticket for Pacha was for the most expensive night in the calendar, David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous at Pacha.

Yet not all club nights will cost this much and there are ways to see those superstar DJs for less, or even free.

Check out David Guetta’s BIG pre-party at Ushuaia on a Monday from 5pm, with special guest DJs like Robin Schulz and Klingande scheduled to warm-up for him on the night.

Tickets for this early evening party are around €55, so if you’re set on seeing Davie G while you’re on the white isle, this is a cheaper alternative to Thursday night at Pacha.

And if you don’t want to pay at all, try Cafe Mambo for some amazing pre-parties from 9pm, where you can see the superstar DJs up close on the decks for the price of a cocktail.

Try Bob Sinclar’s Paris by Night on a Saturday before his main show at Pacha or Martin Solveig on a Wednesday before he plays his MyHouse night, also at Pacha.

If retro is more your thang, then head to the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza on a Sunday for Children of the ’80s, where nostalgia meets glamour with guest appearances from guilty pleasures such as Haddaway, Cappella and Bananarama.

Top Tip: A jug of cocktails, champagne or prosecco sangria at Cafe Mambo will keep you refreshed for the duration of the pre-party show, saving pennies and multiple drinks orders. 

5. Bring your own drinks

Quite possibly the most important piece of Ibiza on a budget advice, bringing your own drinks is essential to saving money. 

Getting the pre-drinks sorted for your apartment is essential, and you’ll want to top this up as the week goes on, but think about what you’ll need for your night out if you’re hitting the overpriced bars in the superclubs.

Whether it’s in a taxi, on a bus or in a club, your hip flask and miniatures from the flight will come in handy. You’ll thank me for it when you save yourself €100 on a Pacha bar tab.

Get creative with this one, as everyone else is. 

You can make one can of Red Bull go a long way when you have your own alcohol to top it up with.

Top Tip: I take no responsibility for you being denied entry to a nightclub, or indeed being asked to leave, if you get caught with your own supplies. But be clever about it and realise that drugs is a larger issue for the door staff, and you’ll be okay. 

I’m sure I haven’t covered everything so if you’ve got some Ibiza advice of your own, feel free to let me know for my next trip!

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