When a head teacher of a school in Darlington asked parents to stop doing the school run in their PJs, she really didn’t know what she was dealing with. Had she taken a look at the SS16 catwalks, she would’ve known that pyjamas are not a sign of letting yourself go or setting a bad example.

They are, in fact, a glamorous new season wardrobe staple, and I’d go as far as to say that some of this season’s pyjamas would make said mums look overdressed for the occasion.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley models her M&S range

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley models her M&S range

Let’s be clear – we’re not talking fleece-lined checked numbers or pink hooded onesies (and no, I don’t rock any of these looks, even behind closed doors!).

Pyjamas this season come in silk, lace and leopard print, with some designer styles sporting a luxurious price tag worthy of evening attire rather then night wear. 

So why is it now acceptable to have your silkies on show? Well, we can blame a resurgence of the whole underwear-as-outerwear trend in the ’90s, epitomised by Madonna in the now-iconic Jean Paul Gaultier coned-bra bodysuit and Courtney Love pairing her nightdresses with oversized cardis and ripped tights.

Kate Moss wearing Olivia van Halle pyjamas, pictured by Sadie Frost in Turkey (Sadielizafrost)

Kate Moss wearing Olivia van Halle pyjamas, pictured by Sadie Frost in Turkey (Sadielizafrost)

There’s also the small matter of Kate Moss being escorted from the infamous Easyjet flight in a pair of monochrome striped Olivia van Halle pyjamas. And if Mossy says it’s okay to wear your PJs when partying/travelling/getting up to general mischief, then that’s good enough for me. 

The spring/summer 2016 catwalks were awash with nightwear references, from Alexander Wang’s silky pyjama tops to Celine’s plunging lace-trimmed chemises, so it was only a matter of time before affordable alternatives appeared on the high street.

Personally, I’m obsessed with the Rosie for Autograph range from M&S and will quite happily wear a silk slip and matching kimono on a night out if I can get away with it. But there are plenty of alternatives if you don’t fancy going for an all-out boudoir look. Pyjama-style blouses at Topshop and River Island give just enough of a nod to the trend. Matching slippers and eyemask optional.

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Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

After years of battling the British weather in wellies in order to catch a few bands in an open field, I’m opting out of the traditional UK festival trip this year.

Coachella in April opens festival season each year and leaves us dreaming of rocking floaty maxi dresses and studded sandals as we sip ice cold drinks under the sunset. 

The reality in the UK is less than idyllic.

T in the Park in particular has a habit of getting the temperatures mixed up – somehow we end up with warm cider as we hide from ice cold torrential rain in the height of summer. Pretty sure it should be the other way around…

So this year I’m evacuating and looking forward to sunbathing by day and partying by night at Spain’s Benicassim festival.

Need convincing? Here’s just a few reasons why festivals are better in the sun…

1. You can wear sunglasses (and not just to hide your hangover)

So it goes without saying that I carry sunglasses with me in all weathers, but even I would admit to feeling like a bit of a dick wearing mirrored wayfarers when it’s 5 degrees and raining buckets in the middle of a muddy field.

Everyone wears shades at a sunny festival, almost like it’s mandatory. 

And it kinda is when the skies are always blue and the sun is always shining.

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2. Swap your rucksack for a suitcase

One of the worst things about UK festivals is the backbreaking rucksack fiasco. 

Yeah sure, we all try and pack light but when you’re trying to fit in four days worth of clothes that are appropriate for hail, rain or shine, it gets slightly tricky.

I’m not sure what’s worse – the way to the campsite where you face a never ending uphill battle with ten tonnes of “lightweight layers” strapped to your back.

Or the long journey home where you’re weighed down by exhaustion/rain/the hangover and end up chucking half of your festival essentials to stop you from sinking in the mud bath fields.

An overpacked suitcase sounds like heaven in comparison.

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3. Take your best bag

You may as well take a plastic carrier bag to hold your lipstick, money and baby wipes when you attend a British festival.

When it comes to arm candy we’re talking more mudberry than Mulberry by the time you’ve battled your way through the overflowing pints. Anything less than waterproof and your banknotes will look like wet leaves, swimming in a pool of cider dregs and raindrops.

Festivals in the sun, however, accommodate your best bag buddies a bit better.

Swinging your Chanel from your shoulder is a good look, especially when you don’t have to sit it down next to a mud puddle at any point in the day.

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4. Boho doesn’t look bonkers

Admit it, how many times have you sat watching Glasto, pointing and laughing at the hippie-wannabes as they try and wade through ten inches of mud in embellished maxi dresses?

Sure, Kate Moss looks all boho babe as she floats about festivals in her fringed kimono and denim cutoffs, but she usually gets dropped off at the VIP tent. No 3 mile trek from the carpark to campsite in gladiator sandals for our Mossy.

Boho is a bit more achievable when it’s sunny and even better when it’s near a beach. Suddenly, it all makes sense and we can rock every Coachella cliche because we’re not weighed down by mud. Winning!

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5. You don’t have to camp

Festivals in Britain tend to be in the middle of nowhere, so camping really is the only option (unless you happen to live very close by and don’t mind travelling every day).

The first time is always a novelty, sleeping under the stars and drinking cider by the campfire with your mates… so romantic!

But when you’ve experienced an actual river running through your tent during a monsoon in July, that novelty soon wears off. Soggy sleeping bags, muddy socks and freezing midnight trips to the portaloos (always with no toilet roll and never clean) are something that can only be endured when you’re very drunk. 

Although you can camp at sunnier festivals, they’re often located next to beach resorts, meaning there’s an array of hotels, apartments and villas nearby.

Beds, showers, clean towels, clean clothes and possibly even a pool to sunbathe beside during the day? Absolute bliss!


Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

It feels as though this series just started, but here it is, the Girls Season 4 finale.

With Hannah and the gang reluctantly accepting it’s time to grow up (slightly) and creator Lena Dunham admitting she only ever planned to film four short series of the show, is this the end of the road for our shambolic Brooklyn friends?

Unless a lot of loose ends get tied up in tonight’s episode, we’re going to be left hoping there’s a Season 5 on the way. Or forever be furious that we never got to see how it all worked out.

Here’s some things I’d like to see happen in the finale, just incase it’s the last time we get to see Girls on our screens…







1. Marnie loses her voice

Seriously, enough already! Has there ever been a more cringey crooner than the wannabe songstress?

As annoyingly gorgeous as she is, Marnie’s self-proclaimed songwriting ‘talent’ is not something she should be hinging her future on.

More disturbing is the creepy loser she seems to have attracted in her attempt to forge some sort of modern day June and Johnny Cash setup.

Lose the voice, lose the loser. Because he ain’t hanging around if there’s no dollars to be made.

Problem solved.


2. Adam lets Hannah rescue him

Because we all know that’s what this is about. The only way Hannah can save herself from her own insecurities is to save someone else that’s even more fucked up than she is.

Adam was always meant to be the challenge she took on and won. And for a while it looked like she was winning – she had the boy, the relationship, the job, the cohabiting.

It was all working out and so she decided to test it by moving to Iowa. He failed the test – he gave up on her and moved on, way too quickly, when all she wanted him to do was say that he needed her to stay.  

So come on Adam, just let her save you from yourself. It’s the only way to settle this once and for all!


3. Shoshanna says it like it is

One of my favourite episodes of Girls was in Season 3 when Shoshanna went cray cray and told her so-called friends what she really thought of them.

Given that the friendships haven’t really improved during this season, it’s about time Shoshanna reminded the girls that their behaviour towards each other is anything but friendly.







4. Jessa hooks up with Pete Doherty

Let’s face it, he’s her soulmate. Kate Moss couldn’t handle Pete’s hardcore lifestyle but I have every confidence that Jessa could.

The English wild child would bond with the Libertines frontman during another stint in rehab and become his latest muse.

Jessa’s always been my favourite Girls character so I’d like a happy ending for her and this would be it.


5. Hannah dresses like a sane person

I don’t completely hate Hannah’s wardrobe but I’d say her choices are usually questionable.

Apart from the few passable dresses she owns, Hannah’s wardrobe is a complete reflection of her life: a mess.

I get the whole trying to look like a hipster (who manage to all look the same while trying so hard to look ‘different’!) with clashing prints and thrift store buys.

But, after watching her lurch from crisis to crisis in a series of ill-fitting shirts, I think it’s about time she paid more attention to how she dresses.

I’m not saying she has to have some sort of Victoria Beckham makeover but not looking like a Texan trucker would be a great start.

And that lizard crop top has to go. WTF even is that.


6. Mimi Rose Howard gets punched in the face

Just because. We’ve all been there, when you get replaced with someone else it’s always the worst person possible.

They’re either way worse than you or way better. Either way, you’re the loser who’s on your own while your ex has moved on to better/worse things. 

Mimi Rose is better on paper than Hannah, which only serves to fuel her self-obsessiveness and insecurity. 

And to add insult to injury she was only ever using Adam anyway. That alone is reason enough to punch her in the face.


7. Hannah writes a self help book

Because Hannah being a teacher doesn’t work out for anyone.

If the phrase ‘those who can’t, teach’ was where Hannah got the idea to enter the world of education then she really does need to assess her life choices.

Given that her mental age is on par with her potential students, Hannah should really steer clear of trying to educate impressionable youngsters on life.

A self help book is a win-win for Hannah. She could inadvertently end up helping herself through writing about her life, finally identifying what her problem is and why she can’t get her shit together, ever.

Way cheaper then eternal therapy sessions.







8. The Girls finally realise what true friendship is (and value it)

One of the main reasons people don’t like Girls is that there’s not one character you can truly like.

Likeability is a big part of identifying with a character, unless you hate yourself and therefore that’s not an issue.

These girls are horrible to each other.

In moments of need they resort to avoidance, ridicule and even pleasure that one of their so-called friends is a bigger fuck up than they are.

Is that really what girls are like these days? Whatever happened to girl power (ahem, ’90s kid over here)?

There’s enough people in the world queuing up to smile smugly when you fail, your friends shouldn’t be on that list.


The UK series finale of Girls Season 4 airs on Sky Atlantic at 10pm, Monday 23rd February 2015


Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

I make no secret about the fact that I LOVE a good lippie. Usually red, almost always Topshop’s amazing Rio Rio.

But why should an item of makeup have its very own day?

Yeah yeah, I know, there are national days of celebration for everything from bikinis to doughnuts (though not the same day, that would just be cruel!).

Yet this is one day I’ll be celebrating with relative enthusiasm. And obviously treating myself to a new shade in honour of this.

Here’s just a few reasons/justifications why lippie should be celebrated today…

1 – Anyone who’s anyone has had a lipstick shade created for/by them. Kate Moss for Rimmel, Rihanna for MAC – even The Queen had her own shade created for her 1952 coronation. The Balmoral Lipstick was named after her country home and matched the colour of her coronation robes. Oh to be queen for the day…

2 – It boosts morale. Fact. Apparently there was a movement to ration it during wartime, but it was thought to keep the spirits up so that idea was hastily quashed. In times of sadness, chaos and modern women warfare (ie man troubles) a slick of red lipstick is guaranteed to make you look wonderful on the outside, even if it’s a different story on the inside.

3 – Lipstick doesn’t descriminate: there really is a shade for everyone.Unlike cut-out dresses, mini skirts, crop tops, any shade of brown and denim hot pants, there will be at least one colour that helps enhance your best features and complement your skin tone.If you haven’t found the one yet, have faith – I guarantee your lipstick soulmate is much easier to find than the male version. And will probably stick around longer too.

4 – Lipstick is always fun. Even on items of clothing!

As if you need any more excuses to treat yourself to a new shade… swoon over these shades ladies

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Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

You could almost hear the gasps of every front row fashionista when the dollar dropped that this was Kate’s first campaign for the late great (Lee) Alexander McQueen.

Her first campaign since turning 40 this month and her first-ever for the eponymous fashion label, Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen is just as dark and edgy as you’d expect it to be.

Dressed in an ensemble from Sarah Burton’s uniform-inspired SS14 collection for McQueen, Kate assumes the role of leather-clad urban warrior against a dystopian background.

The film for the campaign is eerily black, with the occasional flash of light catching those famed cheekbones, accentuated by the handiwork of make-up extraordinaire Val Garland.

A luminous yellow pixie-crop wig almost transforms the model into Stella Tennant-style etherealism, so much so that I had to do a double-take the first time I saw the campaign.

And where do you get those mini-me Kate Moss toy soldiers, complete with elfin haircut and tartan kilt?!

There’s a bit of Blair Witch about the ending of the film, but the rest of it sees Kate slowly stomping her gladiator sandals through a deserted building to meet her fate… whatever that may be.

Worth a watch, but maybe with the lights on…

Images and film: Steven Klein


Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

With rock star credentials and more than a passing resemblance to Kate Moss, Georgia May Jagger is fast becoming a blonde with real ambition.

Fresh from getting the ‘London look’ in Rimmel’s high profile cosmetic campaigns, the gap-toothed model also stars in the latest Hudson jeans campaign.

Previous shots from the Instagram-themed #LETYOURSELFGO campaign are very British and very London.

Being a former north London girl myself, I love the Abbey Road Studios and Camden Market backdrops. NW8 and NW1 will always be special postcodes for me and these shots remind me why.

The latest instalment of #LETYOURSELFGO features Georgia May and hunky male friend enjoying an energetic trampoline session, accessorised with a Union Jack flag and Hudson jeans of course.

Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.

It’s early days as far as fashion goes but I’m loving Saint Laurent, minus the Yves. With Hedi Slimane in full-on indie makeover mode, the brand’s direction is music to my rockstar-loving ears.

The recent collections feature Hedi’s trademark skinny, grunge-infused silhouettes and there’s a gritty glamour about the brand’s revival that appeals to me now, whereas I probably wouldn’t have bothered looking at the catwalk shows a few years back if I’m being honest.


I’m a massive fan of Hedi Slimane’s Rock Diary blog and subsequent book, where the designer documented indie icons such as Courtney Love, Pete Doherty (a frequent Slimane muse) and Amy Winehouse in photograph.

Hedi knows how to capture a moment and so we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s managed to do so in the latest Saint Laurent campaign. Model of the moment Cara Delevingne meets decade of the moment, the ’90s, in a tale of excess grunge.


The film and campaign shots certainly do more than nod to the heroin chic vibe of many of his muses and of course the early ’90s anti-glamour look that’s crept back into the fashion consciousness of late. It’s easy to see why Kate Moss was reportedly overheard saying she “wanted everything” from the collection.

And also understandable why everyone seems to either love or hate this new Saint Laurent vibe – if you don’t like the ’90s and you don’t do grunge, then this is just a rehash of Kurt Cobain’s wardrobe circa 1992.

Cara looks elegantly wasted in the shots and I’m torn between thinking she’s in a heroin-filled love shack on a deserted island or she’s actually in a remote rehab centre where her only friend is a cute recovering addict indie boy. Either way, it looks divine.

Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.