When a head teacher of a school in Darlington asked parents to stop doing the school run in their PJs, she really didn’t know what she was dealing with. Had she taken a look at the SS16 catwalks, she would’ve known that pyjamas are not a sign of letting yourself go or setting a bad example.

They are, in fact, a glamorous new season wardrobe staple, and I’d go as far as to say that some of this season’s pyjamas would make said mums look overdressed for the occasion.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley models her M&S range

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley models her M&S range

Let’s be clear – we’re not talking fleece-lined checked numbers or pink hooded onesies (and no, I don’t rock any of these looks, even behind closed doors!).

Pyjamas this season come in silk, lace and leopard print, with some designer styles sporting a luxurious price tag worthy of evening attire rather then night wear. 

So why is it now acceptable to have your silkies on show? Well, we can blame a resurgence of the whole underwear-as-outerwear trend in the ’90s, epitomised by Madonna in the now-iconic Jean Paul Gaultier coned-bra bodysuit and Courtney Love pairing her nightdresses with oversized cardis and ripped tights.

Kate Moss wearing Olivia van Halle pyjamas, pictured by Sadie Frost in Turkey (Sadielizafrost)

Kate Moss wearing Olivia van Halle pyjamas, pictured by Sadie Frost in Turkey (Sadielizafrost)

There’s also the small matter of Kate Moss being escorted from the infamous Easyjet flight in a pair of monochrome striped Olivia van Halle pyjamas. And if Mossy says it’s okay to wear your PJs when partying/travelling/getting up to general mischief, then that’s good enough for me. 

The spring/summer 2016 catwalks were awash with nightwear references, from Alexander Wang’s silky pyjama tops to Celine’s plunging lace-trimmed chemises, so it was only a matter of time before affordable alternatives appeared on the high street.

Personally, I’m obsessed with the Rosie for Autograph range from M&S and will quite happily wear a silk slip and matching kimono on a night out if I can get away with it. But there are plenty of alternatives if you don’t fancy going for an all-out boudoir look. Pyjama-style blouses at Topshop and River Island give just enough of a nod to the trend. Matching slippers and eyemask optional.

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Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.


It’s that time of year again where the January blues have well and truly kicked in and retailers are trying to perk us up by focusing our attention on that other dreaded sentimental waste of money special occasion.

I hate Valentine’s Day with a passion (no irony or pun intended) but it is a good excuse to treat myself to lingerie I actually want to wear rather than return because it’s a) red b) tacky and c) completely the wrong size (boys, take note – we don’t like this stuff, no matter how much the Ann Summers sales assistant says we do!).

As much as everyone raves about getting their undies from the ever-reliable M&S, I’ve genuinely never found a Marks and Spencer bra that fits or suits me. And yes I have went through the soul-destroying fitting ‘experience’ that every outlet offers. Useless!

Having the ridiculously gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley fronting a lingerie range is a masterstroke though. Don’t believe for a second she had anything to do with the design of this collection of dreamy boudoir-perfect pieces, but damn does she look good in them!


The average woman will probably look washed out wearing a palette of blush pinks and warm neutrals, but if we think for one second we’ll look as tempting as RHW does in her silks then we are sold.

But wait a minute, is that a mere mortal wearing something from the collection? Ah yes, the DD+ range is modelled by a pretty girl whose bust clearly does not fill the weird-shaped cups. We can see the indents where your C-cups stop, love. So maybe I’m not sold after all.

M&S, why do you make weird-shaped bras for anyone whose bust is bigger than a D-cup? We don’t want you to change the shape, we just want you to make the cups slightly bigger!

If I can’t get something from this range to suit then I’ll just be trying to perfect Rosie’s pout and tousled hair, most likely in some George @ Asda undies – the best fit I’ve found for only £6.

Rosie for Autograph starts from £12.50 at M&S
Scottish fashion blogger. Always having a blonde moment.